If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Wayne Dyer

Explore your current parenting style and make sense of the behaviour of your child, to become to the parent you wish to inspire to be.

Introductory Parenting Workshop

This workshop is an invitation to dig deeper into your family and to explore your values and beliefs systems that guide you as a parent. You will also explore the ways in which you respond to your child, especially when you are upset? This will help you understand the behaviours that are working well to strengthen the connection you have with your child and family. You will explore parenting styles learned from your family of origin and understand how they are impacting with your relationship with your children today. You will explore your communication style as learned in your family system and how that impacts the relationships in your home. You will explore the intricacies of each child in terms of development, mental health, temperament and cognitive ability and what is needed to support the growth of that specific child.

“Taking care of self will support the taking care of your children.”

Benefits from this Workshop


Relationship Strategies

Give you strategies that will support you in creating a calm and healthy environment for you and your children, which will strengthen your relationship with your children.


Maximize Potential

Learn to accommodate your parenting strategies based on the individual needs of the children in order to help them achieve maximum potential and strengthening your relationship with them.


Effective Communication

Give you strategies that will increase effective communication with your children, allowing your knowledge and influence to support them in life and strengthening your relationship with them.


Self-Care Support

We will look at self-care strategies that support you in being more available to parent your children and the demands that come with that, work and life.

“Between stimulus and response, there is space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom” – Viktor E. Frankl

Individual Expert Parent Coaching

Thrive offers individualized parenting coaching for parents and caregivers who are struggling with their children or are in immediate crisis. We offer quick and effective service. We have trained coaches with expertise for parents of children of all ages? This one and one interaction will focus on giving you immediate skills and strategies to support the challenges that you are having with your child. Our experts focus on the principals of how to create healthy relationships so you can have a more positive influence on your children and create a deeper bond with them. We will develop an individualized treatment in collaboration with you based on the individual needs of your family. The focus of our coaching work is solution-based, and your willingness and readiness to modify any unhelpful behaviours that you have will be instrumental in teaching your children to do the same.

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